Ain’t those pictures the same dude?

All signs point to…

Allegedly, these are two different man-giants. You can tell because one has longer hair. There are those who contend that the two have been in the same place at the same time. Developing…


~ by bojangles on November 18, 2004.

One Response to “Ain’t those pictures the same dude?”

  1. Jables,

    I can’t believe you erased le Toast (french toast get it, HA!!) Oh, I used that on Billy the other day and he laughed heartily, the only way we know how. You’re lucky I check Toastedblog frequently instead of doing “real work”. I love your bikergang shot, and McThunder. Can you believe this is going to be the last year we have with him. Sigh…..

    eat some wingies for me and we have to get on Siena v. SU and other games where we can drink lots and giggle with phelps, be an asshole with Billy, and pass the bleu cheese with Willie Moe. Big Baby Jitters and Danny just have to get here and they can join.

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