Oh Yeaahh, Orange!!

I’m not about to say that I predicted it, I am hardly a prognosticator, but I did enjoy the hell out of it. Craigy McThunder played his usual stellar stiffy interior D, Warrick played like an All-America and, my man, Josh “Change of” Pace filled up the stat line. Here is an exclusive scouting report from a bojangles insider:

…did you see [Forth] last night, getting some quality minutes in the second half, looked completely different from the first half. getting tips, standing dudes up when they came inside, getting to the open spots on the floor and most importantly, making those shots when he had the opportunity. plus showing off a choice tat on his inner forearm!! pacey did wonderful as well. warrick almost looked jordanesque with those turnaround jumpers and like prince on that allyoop when he caught it, threw it down and then proceeded to have gravity pull him slowly to the floor.

Why don’t you purify yourself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka? Not gonna find that kind of insight anywhere else, folks. In case you missed it, I’m the one that said, “just grab ’em in the biscuits.” Good times. After rallying to tie it at 25 all at the half, the Orange won going away, in a very impressive second-half performance. Syracuse, 3-0, will face Memphis in the final of the Coaches Vs. Cancer Classic tomorrow night at MSG on ESPN. Just as an aside, Syracuse last faced the Tigers (also at MSG) early in their 2002-03 championship campaign.


~ by bojangles on November 19, 2004.

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