Chunky Campbell Eats Rams Like a Meal

Mark Campbell showed again why he may be the most dominant TE this side of Timmy Euhus, and gave football pundits the world over a chance to compose a cheesier headline than yours truly. Thanks to the efforts of Campbell, long snapper John Dorenbos, and return man “Fast Freddie” Smith, the streaking Bills improved their record to third best in division, trouncing the Moufons 37-17.


~ by bojangles on November 22, 2004.

One Response to “Chunky Campbell Eats Rams Like a Meal”

  1. I like Rick Jeanneret’s campbell comment better. “They call him soup, cause he’s Dan Campbell!!!” Besides, everyone who’s anyone knows who the dominant tight end is in this league, SHOCKEY….!!!! yeah, you know how we do. I wore my Shockey jersey yesterday while watching football with chumps and Billy. mark campbell, pish posh!! Word from Danny is that he is coming into town for thanksgiving. he leaves apparently sunday morning for chigago, I have tried to persuade him to come see SU play Siena. How do we go about getting tix?? Do we just buy as we go to game or should we order some. Do you want the chicken wing pizza as hot as I can get it or is that a stupid question. Maybe I’ll have them top it with funyuns too!! More on that as information arrives.

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