NBA’s Etan Thomas: "I am Totally Against This War"

NBA’s Etan Thomas: “I am Totally Against This War”

Out of the ashes of Iraq come soldiers dressed in fatigues of fire Wearing helmets secured in smoke They’ve choked off the lies spewed out of the mouth of a burning bush

The true warrior’s existing wake

Who’s flames burned them at the stake

Cremated their bodies

And stuffed them in an urn wrapped in red, white, and blue….

Rummaging through a forest set ablaze by one lethal match

With witty catch phrases forever attached to the side of their kingdom

Operation Iraqi Freedom

Links to Al Qaeda

Eminent threats

And weapons of mass destruction…..

They’ve been skillfully thrown into the lion’s den

Out of the frying pan and into the furnace

Their courage exceeds any measuring stick

But they can hear the footsteps of death creeping around the corner

For they’ve been led into the eye of the storm

Transformed into peacekeepers

Lending a helping hand for the poorly planned post-war strategy……


~ by bojangles on April 5, 2005.

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