The Poetry in J.J.’s Soul – NCAA Basketball – J.J. Redick poetry – Wednesday February 16, 2005 5:30PM

As I decide to fulfill my life’s strategy

The devil insists on trying to battle me

I meet him in an empty field on the high plains

He throws temptations my way to inflict internal pain

Life and death matters, this ain’t no game

It’s mind over matter, the power of my brain

He thinks I’ll give in if my muscles start to strain

He believes I’ll submit to the evil of society’s frame

And benefit from notoriety’s gain

He says I don’t have to properly train

and that he’ll give me all the fame

and everyone will know my name

But I think he’s insane

‘Cause I know the truth- to gain is to give

To have pain is to live

So I call on my heavenly Father’s name

And slowly watch the thunder and rain subside

I’m finally able to push the temptations aside

I went blow for blow, I went face to face

Now the devil knows, I’m able to escape

Not by a back door or an alternate route

I saw the middle high ground and I ran right through.

Word. Eat your heart out, Tom Tucker. You too Etan…


~ by bojangles on April 5, 2005.

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