It’s That Time Again, Folks!!

Bojangles presents the Third Annual Electric City Weekend of Madness and Associated Drunken Revelry/Idiocy in the Middle of March Which May (or May Not – but Most Likely is on Some Level) be in Some Way Associated with the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament’s First Two Rounds. There. Nice. Pretty catchy, eh?

Okay, so I know we’ve all been through this before, but peeps got questions, and I gots answers, so here we go:

– I will be in the E.C. by 12:30 PM at the latest on Thursday, March 16th.
– The following day (Friday, March 17th) is St. Patrick’s Day. We will (or is it Will?), most certainly, beyond a shadow of a doubt, you can bet your sweet bippy…where was I? Oh, sure, we can do something dumb.
– There will be beer to drink every day. Every day.
– There will be Reubens (these are sandwiches made with (among other things) corned beef and sauer kraut) on Thursday.
– I have wanted for many years (okay, at least two) to have a KFC vs. Popeye’s Tasteoff. This could well, and should, happen this year (2006).
– EC Paul will be present at various times during the weekend. This is inevitable, yet highly desirable.

BL’s Tavern

will be closed for renovations throughout the festivities, bu I was thinkin’ we could probably hit the Seventh Inning Stretch at some point, perhaps on Thursday evening.
– The Park Inn is a dude bar that is located not too far away, and they have (aside from the requisite dudes, of course) some respectable prices and some pretty nice wings.
– Karaoke must take place at some point during the festivities. We all know the beauty and majesty of the Bangkok Thai Bistro’s scene, but there may be another (formidable) contender in the mix. William and William know what I’m talking about.
– I love pizza. I am not alone in feeling this way.
– Tommy and/or Ren will likely expire before Saturay.
– I hope Willie blogs the entire experience for posterity.
– The Syracuse Orange play at approximately 9:40 PM on Thursday. Some may be slightly drunk by then. Some will yell to excess. I applaud these individuals.
– The UAlbany Great Danes play at approximately 7:15 PM on Friday. They face the best team in all the land. That sucks. We will watch it. ECP will consume several green Genny Creams during the course of this game.
– I propose, in honor of William H. Shannon and all that is right in this world, a day of good beer. This would include many microbrews, and, perhaps, Genny Creams. It will not likely involve many malt liquors or canned beers. This proposal is negotiable.
– This weekend involves, as we should all likely be aware by now, an historic tour of the Schenectady Stockade area. This will likely be led by drunker/hungover residents of said area who are highly knowledgeable and, as such, should not be questioned about anything they say. About anything. Ever.
– There will be a 42″ plasma with HD going at all times. There will also be an auxiliary 32″ screen. In addition, we will have up to three computers available at all times.
– Dudes should eat wings in times like these.
– I will try to have plenty of toilet paper on hand.
– Dunford snores at a rather high decibel level.
– We are not getting any younger, and I will likely have to have waivers of liability for events like this in the coming years.
– We should do breakfast on at least one of these mornings. Mike’s Famous Hot Dogs, the Brandywine Diner, and Peter Paus are all likely culprits.
– A real bar crawl of these parts will be organized by this fall. In the meantime, we will do our best to explore and discover. This means we will visit Perreca’s bakery late on Friday or Saturday night for pizza. Sorry Bill.
– There is a bowling alley within an easy three minute walk. With an OTB. I have yet to bowl there. I’m not sure where I’m going with this.
– Slick’s is a must at some point. Famous for sandwiches since 1974, and with good reason.
– Blockhouse? Hell yeah!
– Toasty won’t show up, but he is certainly welcome.
– There aren’t really any great sports bars in the E.C., but we will make do. Just like we always have.
– This could probably be a good post if I proof read it and fleshed it out with pics and liks, but I hope it will suffice.

It’s a celebration, bitches!!

~ by bojangles on March 15, 2006.

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