Beer O’ the Moment – Lagunitas Shut-Down Ale

Lagunitas Under Investigation Shutdown Ale

We also think this is a rather clumsy name for a fantastic beer. Lagunitas has quickly become one of our favorit breweries, even though it is located in California. Even Slick’s has their PILS on tap. Good stuff. We’re almost prepared to say these guys do beer better than Stone (though the art may be slightly inferior). In fact, we had an all Lagunitas night recently: a couple PILS at Slick’s, as well as a bangin’ Maximus IPA (fantastic beer, but not all that different from their regular “flagship” IPA) and Sirius Cream Ale back at the ranch. Damn, son, if that ain’t L-I-V-I-N! No, honestly, very impressive stuff. Believe, ’cause we hate everything west of Cleveland!

Read on for more stolen “journalism”…

The Lagunitas St. Pat’s Day Pot Bust

Back in the saddle again…Lagunitas Brewing got fined last year and not allowed to sell beer for 20 days after three people were arrested at the Petaluma, CA brewery’s regular Thursday night tasting party for possession of marijuana. This came after an eight week undercover investigation by the California Alcohol Beverage Controld Board.
Two agents repeatedly tried to buy marijuana from people at the tasting. It was offered free, but no one would sell it to them. There’s a lot more to it. [Ed. – there likely is, but we’re here for the beer, not pot smokin’ retards. Also, it seems to have resulted in a fairly kick ass beer.]

Anyway, the brewery’s new seasonal is Undercover Shut-Down Ale. The funniest part is what founder Tony Magee wrote on the label in very small print:

“We brewed this especially bitter ale in remembrance of the 2005 St. Patrick’s Day Massacre and in celebration of our 20 day suspension back in January of this year.


Shhh. Be vewry vewry qwuiet. We’re sneakin’ around lookin for grownup taxpaywers dowin tings we don’t appwoove of. Be wery kwiet. Dare awound here somewhere…..Shhhhhh.Be vewry vewery kwiet..


From the day of the first congress at the moment of the passage of the first law, we became weaker. The extra-large B.Franklin said it well that you can tell the strength of a society by the paucity of the pages in its book of laws. Today we are all surrounded by laws – tax law – civil law – criminal law. Statutes and Bills. Laws that make large and small criminals of us all.

And sometimes just doin’ something that you like to do and hurts no one is also criminal, or at least strongly discouraged. Seems we can’t be trusted to live well and safely on our own. On our own we would all probably descend quickly into mayhem, cannibalism and ultimately shoplifting and jaywalking.If only we all could be trusted. It’s good having such wise fathers looking out for us isn’t it. Whatever. 707-769-4495. CHEERS!

And…we’re back! Let us all bear in mind that what is important here is that this is a damned fine beer. Bitter, sweet, strong, fun, and 9.9% ABV. We laughed, we cried. Highly recommended. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up, fine holiday fun.

It cost us about $3.29 for a 22 oz. bottle. Do it if you can.

~ by bojangles on August 24, 2006.

2 Responses to “Beer O’ the Moment – Lagunitas Shut-Down Ale”

  1. Yo, I gotta agree man. Lagunitas is gettin’ shit DONE, kid. I actually do prefer most of the Lagunitas stuff to the Stone stuff, even if only barely. I am still rockin’ the Mendicino Winter Ale we went halvsies on and it is workin’ overtime.

  2. I just had the Undercover Shut-Down for the first time. It cost me about $4.99 for a 22, but man was it worth it. Perfect balance of hops and sweetness. I loved it so much. It truly is a beer of the moment. Those peeps from Lagunitas do it right.

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