Belgian Brew Fest Revisited

We were rummaging through some of our old beer literature (before we had refined our rating system) and came upon a small notebook we kept one year ago to the day at the Ommegang Brewery’s Belgian Brewfest.

As is our custom, we tried to keep an ongoing log of our beer-tasting experiences. Predictably, the handwriting gets worse and worse as the event goes on. But here, for lack of a better post, and to mark the one-year anniversary of our trek to Cooperstown, I present our brief — some might say glib — ratings of each beer.

NOTE: Two different scales were used for rating purposes. Bill used a letter-grade system, Javen used a four-star (****) system. Hopefully this will not be too confusing. Due to our ever-worsening mental state on that date, we can’t always read our own writing from the event; please excuse spelling errors and/or mislabeled beer. We had a very good time at the brewfest, but our penmanship suffered, partially due to our slight inebriation, and slightly due to the fact that I was writing n a 4.5 x 3.5 inch notepad which had been dampened by the torrential monsoon that came down about halfway through the festival.

The Beers:

Brooklyn Blanc
Bill: B+, Javen: *** (out of ****)

Victory Whirlwind
Bill: A-, Javen: ** 1/2

Flying Bison Barnstormer
Bill: B, Javen: ** 1/2

A’Chouffe Houblon
Bill: C+, Javen ***

Middle Ages 11th Anniversary (Double Wheat)
Bill: B+, Javen: *** 1/2

Stone (not sure which, just says “2006”, maybe the Vertical Epic 06/06/06, possibly Old Guardian)
Bill: B+, Javen: ** 1/2

Avery Reverend
Bill: B, Javen: ** 1/2

Avery Salvation
Bill: B+, Javen: ***

Dogfish Head
Bill (Raison D’Etre): B-, Javen (Festina Lente): *

Otter Creek Holy Otter
Bill: B, Javen: ***

Otter Creek Otterbahn
Bill: B-, Javen: ** 1/2

The Shed – Hoppy Illumination
Bill: B, Javen: ***

Appalachin Hefeweizen
Bill: B+, Javen: ***

Appalachin Grand Cru
Bill: B, Javen: ***

Butternut Dark (or maybe Bark) Sleep
Bill: B, Javen: ** 1/2

Butternut Weinniessie
Bill: B, Javen: ** 1/2

Weyerbacher Prophecy
Bill: B, Javen: ***

Weyerbacher Merry Monks
Bill: B-, Javen: ***

Troegs Holiday
Bill: B-, Javen: ***

Troegs Naked Elf
Bill: B, Javen: ***

Iron Hill Belgian Wit
Bill: B, Javen: ** 1/2

Unibroue Fin du Monde
Bill: B, Javen: ***

Blanche de Chamble’
Bill: B+, Javen: ** 1/2

We won’t be attending this year, however, we assume the festival will somehow soldier on without us.


~ by William H on July 15, 2007.

One Response to “Belgian Brew Fest Revisited”

  1. Next year we will go. I, being very well versed in Belgium beer, will rate each one.

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