ECP Approved – Slick’s

Once, many Genny’s ago, a man asked me to show him “The Best of Schenectady”. While I won’t say who that man is, I will say he resembled Brad Pitt, and he liked beer (above is an artist’s rendering of said event).

So what was a Schenectadian to do? Where could he bring him so that this traveller could see the best of the Electric City? The answer was easy: Slick’s Tavern.

Boasting giant sandwiches, a warm atmosphere, and friendly service, Slick’s is the best bar in the electric city. Did I mention the beer? Over 40 bottle varieties, ranging from Otter Creek to Genny Cream. They also have a guest tap that rotates regularly, and second tap that presently features Molson. The latter tap has also featured the likes of Matt’s, Rhiengold, and Pabst. A better variety has not been found in the Electric City.

But don’t just take ECP’s word for it. A recent review of Slick’s stated:

“Slick’s is a place for men. Real, hard-working men looking for a real meal and real value. And that’s what they get.”

Sounds like the readers of certain beer blog, no?

So I urge you, come visit the Electric City, and see the Best we have to offer. You can’t go wrong…It’s ECP approved!


~ by William H on August 1, 2007.

2 Responses to “ECP Approved – Slick’s”

  1. Hear, hear. Slick’s is a wonderful neighborhood bar with the most meat out of any sandwich I’ve ever seen. If only they could make the bread a little thicker. (I know, I know, I always get the white and I should get the rye.)

    Oh, and there is that one thing I hate about that particular “bistro.”

  2. Oh and btw, thanks for reserving all those Genny’s, just like the picture states… uh, for you and Brad of course.

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