Michael Jackson, RIP

It is with a heavy heart that we here at Beerjanglin’ acknowledge the passing of Michael Jackson.

One of the first writers to write seriously about beer, Mr. Jackson worked pretty hard to spread the gospel of beer – publishing his first book on the topic 30 years ago, when most people’s knowledge and understanding of beer was limited to macro-brewed lagers. The world is a different place these days – a quick visit to any reputable tavern will prove that. You can thank Mr. Jackson for that.

Mr. Jackson’s last column is currently up at All About Beer. It’s a must read, and discusses his battle with Parkinson’s Disease with an unparalleled frankness and humor.

Rest in peace, sir.

[A Note from Bill: Michael Jackson wasn’t just a beer critic, he was a writer first who happened to write about beer. He was self-effacing, passionate, and most of all, entertaining.

Please read an article from BeerHunter.com about Beer vs. Wine to get a great example of Jackson’s unmatched style. Those of us who write about beer for fun can’t possibly compare, but we owe him anyway.]


~ by dgdunford on August 30, 2007.

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