BROUHAHA – Sept 1 – Sept 15

And just when you thought we couldn’t come up with new features….

Fact is, we do a lot of reading about beer throughout the day and week. We even try to do it from work once in a while (too bad our work computers block most beer-related sites.)

When we find something really interesting or something that we like a lot, we tend to just forward the interesting links to each other. But we thought to ourselves, Hey, what if we could forward all those great links to our readers as well! Both of ’em!

So we present to you, Brouhaha. These are links to articles that we found either entertaining, hilarious, interesting or informative.

Of course we tend to check out our favorite beer sites, or the ones on our blogroll, so our scope may be limited. Therefore, if you find an article that is interesting and think should be included, leave a comment with the link attached and why you think it’s interesting. Or you can email Bill directly at buffalobill88 (at) gmail. We promise we will give the article a read. But if you’re sending me a link to a post that you yourself wrote, you better bring the goods, baby!

We are going to try to post this the first Wednesdays after the 1st and 15th of each month, respectively, so roughly twice a month. We urge you to visit these sites and support them by leaving comments, or starting dialogue.

Flat Tire
Lew Bryson takes on those that say Fat Tire is not a craft brew, and those who dare
to trash the seminal craft brews in the U.S. (Sierra, Anchor, Sam Adams) and shows them why
they are wrong.

LEW BRYSON – Portfolio
A Post-Jacksonian World
Lew also gives a fitting tribute to Michael Jackson, his legacy, and his influence
on our love of beer today, as well as the elevation of beer to that of wine and spirits.

Learner’s Permit …
Joe Sixpack gives an amusing — and unintentionally convincing — argument for a
“Drinker’s Learner’s Permit.”

Step aside sommelier…
Stan explains the difference between a sommelier (aka wine steward) and a
“Cicerone”, which is a new official designation specifically for beer

Budweiser Negotiating to Buy Budweiser
Bud wants to officially buy the name “Budweiser,” which you would think they already had, even though it’s named after a 1000 year-old Czech town.

Reassuringly Expensive
Pete Brown examines what may be the longest surviving beer in the world, brewed in

12 Beers that Changed America
Beer Can Blog sets up a mixed 12 pack of beers that had significant effect on the
brewing industry or American brewing in general.

12 Craft Beers that Changed America
Ditto for craft beers

The Legend of Miller Chill Grows
Boy, Miller Chill is doing awful well. Is it just a gimmick or is it here to stay?

Beervana introduces us to a site which tells (in .wav files) how to pronounce those
pesky foreign beer names in English, Flemish and French.

Highlights beer posts on YouTube.

Two Salvations
What happens when two well-respected craft breweries both make a beer called
“Salvation”? “Collaboration, Not Litigation

HOP TALK (sorta)
9 Ways to Maximize your Beer value
The inimitable Al at Hop Talk came up with this incredibly helpful list of ways to
make sure you are not paying a fortune, but still drinking great beer. (The link is not to Hop Talk, but to the site where the advice was posted.)

~ by William H on September 19, 2007.

2 Responses to “BROUHAHA – Sept 1 – Sept 15”

  1. Somebody here must be from Upstate NY. I knew as soon as I saw the link to Mahar’s! Nice site, I’m subscribing to your feed. I’m over at

  2. Thanks for the kind words and you have an excellent site as well. We’ll add you to the roster. Welcome aboard and thanks for leaving a comment.

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