F*ck It, Let’s Do It Live! Part Deux.

[Note: My baby sister decided on a late-night whim to do a liveblog of the beer we were drinking. I’m not sure she fully grasps the concept of the liveblog but we all have to start somewhere. You might find a deviation from the normally erudite and buttoned-up style to which we generally adhere. Still, every voice counts.]

So when my dick brother (bitch sister?) told me we’d be drinking something stronger, imagine my surprise (i always spelled that without the first R) when he whipped, pulled, brought out a LABATT BLUE LIGHT. Ugh. Like I said, I’ve been to college – not interested.

However, I’m a sporting gent(lewoman) and am up for the challenge of categorizing this delicious (?) brew. And seeing as how my bro drinks this to sober up before driving home, we have to give it up to our neighbors to the North. I was told not to bother sniffing out of our Sam Adams quote/unquote Special Glass. I did anyway. Bill thinks that….speechless so far….WAIT. “It’s not the moose piss that I generally think it is. When I think of Blue Light I think of something awful. Something evil. But now that I know they make it in Buffalo (as their american headquarters) I find it drinkable. I wouldn’t call it a pilsner, I wouldn’t call it that. But as far as Northeastern Macrobrews go, it’s only 107 calories, which is paramount because those numbers are essential in terms of what I put in my body. It’s not horrible. Sub-par, ahhh, yes. But not horrible.”

All of a sudden, he’s worried about what I think of the beer. Let me taste. Ahhhhhhhh, gross. Okay. Let me shoot it to you straight. In terms of sub-par, shitty beers, this isn’t bad. Better than Coors. And Bud. And Bud Light. However, it is no American craft beer (am I right?) so it’s hard to think of it in terms of a smaller scale of beers that are much (MUCH) better.

Intrigued? Let me continue. I’ve pissed lighter, fizzier, more head-laden liquids than this. The smell is unremarkable and the taste is like what 5th year college students drank – classier than me, but not so much so that they won’t try to bang an undergrad. (The Dixie Jazz is looking gooooood right now.)

So, the verdict? Eick. I wouldn’t bathe a crack baby in it, BUT I would drink it to sober up at the end of the night, because let’s face it, water is boring and drinking is cool. So, when I rap atcha again (November?) you’ll want to know what’s hot, what’s cool, what’s dope, what’s fresh, with all the college kids. I’m not in college anymore, but I still love a good, delicious beer. Later my lovelies.

~ by William H on July 11, 2008.

One Response to “F*ck It, Let’s Do It Live! Part Deux.”

  1. This was a joy to read, can we just replace Bill? I kid. But for Kate’s next roundup can she find some beers worthy of bathing crack babies in? I think that’s what are readership really wants, am I right?

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