Wegmans Beer Upgrade in Syracuse: Confirmed

For those of you in the Northeast who are so blessed as to have a Wegmans in your neighborhood, there may be some exciting news. You may remember that a scant five days ago I reported that Wegmans was likely to be expanding their beer selection as of Monday, July 21. I finally made it to the Wegmans in Dewitt (Syracuse) New York to find out if this was a hoax or whether it was something that beer aficianados can believe in.

Hopefully, the pictures below speak for themselves.

Wegmans clearly has gotten the memo that craft beer is a popular — and profitable — enterprise, as they have transformed their already solid beer selection into a full-fledged craft beer department. Not only have they greatly expanded the variety of breweries and styles that they had previously offered, but they have doubled, if not tripled the floor space to which their beer is devoted.

Previously, Wegmans had a cooler area where you could find some popular macroswill choices such as Busch, Bud, Natty Ice, Miller Lite, etc. They had a walk-in cooler where local beers could thankfully be found (lots of Middle Ages in Syracuse, lots of Dundees and Customer Brewcrafters in Rochester). They would also go above and beyond by carrying not only regional brands (Souther Tier, Ithaca, Ellicottville, Saranac, etc), but also some find craft offerings from around the country (Stone, Dogfish Head, Rogue).

Today when I walked in, I found a grocery store section transformed into an excellent source for craft beers. They had some selections I had never seen previously (Flying Dog, River Horse, Stoudt’s, Clipper City/Heavy Seas). They expanded the number of large bottles as well, carrying some more 22oz bottles of Rogue, Lindeman’s and Stone.

Wegmans has also smartly decided to keep a large selection of craft beers in the cooler, and offering their counterparts on non-refrigerated shelves as well, so you can either buy for immediate consumption (like in the parking lot while loading groceries) or for storage.

Another encouraging developement is that Wegmans seems to be committed to furthering craft beer as a valid part of American culture. For a few months, they have had a whiteboard with beer/food pairings that I found quite positive. Today, they not only have beer books (some informative, some novelty), but also sets of Guinness pint glasses and sets of “international” glasses (an nonic pint, a pilsner glass, etc).

Furthermore, Wegmans has added small cards next to select beers, explaining more about them. For example, the Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA gives a brief lists of food it is best paired with, as well as a “Mild” to “Extreme” spectrum, so novice beer drinkers can better select what they want. It explains the beer thusly:

A session India Pale Ale brewed with Warrior, Amarillo and “Mystery Hop X.” Goes With: Spicy food, pesto, grilled salmon, pizza, vintage cheddar.

(Hopefully, even Busch-swilling frat boys will see the word “extreme” and pick up several cases.) Granted, the only three options on this continuum are “mild,” “extreme” and in the middle, but it’s a start. It even says what type of glass from which each selection should be consumed.

While none of these developments are going to blow the mind of the average beergeek, it almost brings a tear to the eye to see really good craft beers thrust onto the stage of a mainstream grocery store.

No, this isn’t going to supplant specialty beer stores altogether (and why should it) and Wegmans is probably never going to carry true-school beergeek classics like Anderson Valley, Avery or Three Floyds, they do have Weyerbacher, Green Flash, North Coast and other semi-obscure offerings for this area, as well as expanding their Smuttynose, Victory and Otter Creek, to name a few.

The bottom line: While this still isn’t Beers of the World in Rochester, Finger Lakes Beverage in Ithaca or Oliver’s in Albany, it’s a quantum leap in the Syracuse area, and hopefully one that will challenge the other beer stores in the area to step up their game. One thing, however, is for sure: the days of having to “settle” on the beer that’s sold in Wegmans are over.


~ by William H on July 24, 2008.

8 Responses to “Wegmans Beer Upgrade in Syracuse: Confirmed”

  1. There’s cans of Old Chub and Dale’s Pale from Oskar Blues on the top shelf by the rogues. Man, I wish we had Oskar Blues in Illinois.

    If that was my grocery store, there’d be no room in my cart for food!

  2. Wow. That’s stunning.

    I’ll have to see if our WNY locations have similarly upgraded.

    While I do love Wegmans, by and large, I think I’ll stick with going to more targeted purveyors of Teh Beer when all I’m shopping for is beer- Premier, Consumers, VBM. If nothing else, Weggies still no have growler fills.

    However, grocery shopping certainly does happen… with shocking regularity!

    (Ethan at BeerOVision.com; still tied to a long dead blogger blog, I guess.)

  3. That’s way beyond anything I’ve seen at any other Wegmans. I wonder whether the presence of Beers in the World and similar stores is the reason they don’t do this elsewhere. Or maybe these changes are coming elsewhere.

  4. I have to apologize for the poor quality of the pictures, but I had to take some quick shots with my camera phone before the Wegmans staff thought I was some sort of industrial spy for Price Chopper or some such thing. I don’t think the pics do the place justice (for example, I probably should have added a pic of their cooler which has been there for years). But hopefully you will note some of the beers present and say “I’ve never seen those in a grocery store before!” Cuz that’s sure what I did.

  5. Oh and to follow up on Ethan’s comment above, I agree that it doesn’t replace the best beer specialty stores. I’m just glad that they are starting to treat beer with respect (corny as that sounds) by carrying more than just Keystone and 30 packs of Busch.

  6. Ethan: We’ve got you hooked up to the new BeerOVison now. Sorry about that one. We’re far from a first class operation around here.

  7. ohmygod..ohmygod..ohmygod..ohmygod!! the recently opened a wegs about 10 minutes away from me in N.VA. Looking forward to hitting it up again as many of the stores down here don’t have a great beer collection. Excellent covert-ops there billy.

  8. OMG, that’s my hometown Wegmans! I must go back and check that out – WOW!

    -The Beer Babe

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