Brunswick Barbecue and Brew

There is a new brewpub on the scene in New York’s Capital Region… almost anyway. Goose Gosselin, former headbrewer at Malt River in Latham and most recently an assistant brewer at Olde Saratoga/Mendocino*, has opened his own barbecue joint in Cropseyville (just outside of Troy). The barbecue has been getting good reviews so far, and Gosselin hopes to start brewing some time this fall.

*In addition to Malt
River and Olde Saratoga, the Goose has also worked at Boston Beer Works, Union Station in Providence, and Buzzards Bay Brewing. Pretty solid resume, that.

We were never huge fans of Malt River’s brews; they were hit and miss, mostly. How much of that was due to its location in a dying mall and the inability to turn beers in a timely manner is anybody’s guess. We only visited a handful of times, probably not enough to make a true judgment of the brewer’s prowess. Gosselin certainly has his fans, including one Mr. Lew Bryson:

7/30/08: Got an e-mail from Gary “Goose” Gosselin yesterday, formerly of Malt River: he’s opened Brunswick BBQ & Brew in Brunswick, NY, east of Troy on Rt. 2 (3925 State Hwy 2, Brunswick, 518/279-9993). They’re open but not brewing yet: he hopes to be brewing in the fall. Good to see him back at the kettle!

Pretty exciting stuff, really. Even an average brewpub is a wonderful place and good barbecue is always welcome. This makes for tantalizing possibilities of beer runs beginning at Brown’s in Troy, heading east on Route 2 to Brunswick Barbecue and Brew and then turning for the Madison Brewing Company (where the beer is okay, but the food is scrumpshalicious) in Bennington, Vermont. Or Pittsfield Brew Works in, umm, Pittsfield, Mass. Or lots o’ good stuff in North Adams, Mass. Hell, it could lead us anywhere really. The possibilities are dizzying!

~ by bojangles on August 11, 2008.

2 Responses to “Brunswick Barbecue and Brew”

  1. Sad New England has to lose such brewing talent. I mean, you could probably twist my arm into going there and getting some barbecue and brew when I visit, but I’m not making any promises.

  2. I think New England will weather the storm somehow. The region has seen worse throughout its history. Besides, ‘ol Goose has been brewing in New York for better than a decade now… We’ll have to check on his progress some time.

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