At the risk of eschewing actual content for cheapie YouTube posts, this one caught me during the first half of today’s Bills-Broncos game.

We all know that the “Drinkability” concept/campaign is laughable at best and audience-insulting at worst. All beverages are drinkable. This would be akin to McDonald’s starting a campaign proudly trumpeting that their food is “Edible.” It’s a silly campaign, although not as desperate as their “It’s so clear you can’t hide its flaws” campaign with The Daily Show‘s usually amusing Rob Riggle. [Note: I cannot find any of these Riggle-laden commercials anywhere. I’m wondering if Bud realized how insipid and ridiculous they were and removed them from all existence.]

What struck me about this commercial though — and it might be harder to see on the YouTube clip than it is on TV — is the James Spader lookalike to the right of the screen who has just taken a sip of his Bud Light and proclaims “Man, that’s good.” See below.

The look on his face tells me that the beer is actually anything BUT good. His face resembles that of a person who had to ingest barium sulfate before a medical test. If that isn’t the textbook definition of “choking it down,” I don’t know what is.

I think Bud is losing it.

If your goal is to make a drink that’s “easy to swallow,” as the commercial would indicate, then maybe you should get out of the goddamn beer business and into the iced tea business. Is beer really that hard to swallow? Have beer drinkers been reporting this as a problem? Are we gagging on our ales?

Some might think that BeerJanglin’ is anti-Budweiser. And some might not be completely wrong. But we are getting very tired of the trend of this Belgian-owned company spreading blatant falsehoods, especially while claiming themselves to be the “Great American Lager.” Drinkability. Clarity. Patriotism. All reasons that you should shun the craft brewing industry and drink Bud.


[Update: I was searching for Beer Ad articles online, and came up with this 2004 NPR/Slate spot by Seth Stevenson that talked about the battle between Miller’s “President of Beers” and Bud’s “disproportionate response” (their words). Interestingly, it’s notable that one of Bud’s main contentions of its superiority over Miller was that Miller was bought about by “a South African company” and therefore were somehow less patriotic. Oops!]


~ by William H on December 21, 2008.

3 Responses to “Drinkability?”

  1. I must say, I don’t find Bud Light all that “drinkable”. It makes me retch a little. Then again, many de-flavored light (or lite) beers have that effect. Bad enough that you cult the malt bill with corn and rice, but to adulterate it even further? Drinkability, my foot! This one won’t get a toe hold with me!

  2. Damn…and ECP was just going to approve bud light! Thanks for running my buzz Bill!

  3. I liked Big Daddy Drew’s take on it a few weeks back.

    “Yuengling: The Beer You Drink If You Want To Get In A Fight And Piss The Bed!”


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