End Of The Road For Malt River


Malt River Brewing Company in Latham Circle Mall closed its doors for the final time this past Sunday. The “Brewing Company” part of its name had become something of a misnomer a couple years ago when brewing operations ceased and Malt River became merely a pretty decent beer bar. As noted in the story, it was mostly a case of circumstances surrounding the dying mall that led to the bar’s demise. Perhaps the most interesting part was this little tidbit:

Malt River Brewing was announced in late 1995, around the time that other operators were working to launch The Big House Brewing Co. in Albany, the Original Saratoga Springs Brew Pub in Saratoga Springs and a brewery-restaurant at The Van Dyck in Schenectady. All are now closed.

All of these places — as well as two venerable institutions who are still going strong — were still open when I moved to this area five years ago. The Big House had a good run but was mostly a night club, and the beer was an afterthought, at best. The Original Saratoga Springs Brew Pub was good – for dollar draft Thursday nights, anyway. The Van Dyck was a wonderful place that had the misfortune of being run by a delusional lunatic who was chronically underfunded. There still seems to be some chance that it will re-open as a brewpub under much more capable ownership. I think this calls for a post on the current state of brewing in the Capital Region and some of the exciting new possibilities. Developing…

UPDATE: Bill Dowd has a nice post on his new blog about the Capital Region’s Class of ’96. Don’t miss the link to his original Times Union story. Well worth a peek.

~ by bojangles on January 29, 2009.

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