Ale to the Chief

The election of Barack Obama has brought with it plenty of hope to many a people in these here United States of America. But Barack’s not the only one bringing hope to millions of Americans. No, no. You see the gang at Avery Brewing in Boulder, CO is also doling out a heaping helping of hope. Hopes as far as the eye can see! Oh, whoops, that was supposed to read “hop”. A heaping helping of HOP. HOPS as far as the eye can see! Anyway, Avery’s Ale to the Chief is a cleverly named, hopped up, hopperiffic, hoppy go lucky Imperial IPA, that is very hard to drink without humming “Hail to the Chief”! Trust me. Anyways, you are now probably curious about the brew itself. Well, lucky for you I’ve had this twice. TWICE! The inaugural drink, this summer and then again on election night. So away we go! And you can actually sing this to the tune of Sir Walter Scott’s “Hail to the Chief”.

Ale to the chief, that in a pint glass lives glances,
Ambered in glass never seemed so kind!
Long may the head in this elixir warrant advances,
Nourish, the flavor and lace that is fine.
Heav’n sent this hoppy brew,
Earth blend the hop anew,
Airy hops a mergin’ with malt in the nose;
Style very high end, a ten,
And no sour on the back end,
A lot of big rich citrus hop to the nose! Shy malt row!
Powers o’ hop sing, dance, shone like a fountain,
Blooming like swell rain, a malt hinter is made;
Then whirlwind has stripp’d ev’ry hop bud from the mountain,
The malt shall stand aside, all in hop shade.
Moor’d in a citrus loch,
Proof of the citrusiest hop,
From all the fruits in, the smoother it go;
Orange-th and lemonade, then,
A row of grapefruit won’t offend,
Body rich, a fine brew fo sho! Shy malt row!
Go, vessels, glow full of pride of the high ends!
Stretch to the brink, with ABV just under nine!
Oh, that the nosebuds graces yon islands,
Sure unearthed in a barland around from the wine!
Lo, that come needing them,
Worthy hops from noble stem,
Honor’d and bless’d in their shadow might grow!
Crowds should stand in line for them,
Drink for your deepmost craving,
Body rich, a fine brew fo sho! Shy malt row!

Well, there you have it! A special thanks to Sir Walter Scott! So to summatize, Ale to the Chief is a wonderfully, beautiful brew, hopped to the brim! While hoppy, the malt, although overshadowed, is noticeable and gives the beer a nice balance and finish. Bah, bump, bah, bah, bah, bah, bump, bah, bump, bah, bah, bah! Drink this sooooon, before it goes, awaaaa-ay!


~ by hopper12 on February 3, 2009.

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