Hopback Mountain

Folks, this week I am one happy-go-lucky Beerjangler. “Why?” you may ask. Well you see I’m h-g-l on account of some new brews that have hit the coolers at my local hoptometrists. You see folks, Troeg’s has finally made its way to the Bay State, and after one sip of their Hopback Amber, I quietly thought, “I don’t know how to quit you.” I can honestly say this is one of the most drinkable brews I have ever had, and the list of beers I’ve had is pretty extensive. Its also definitely the best beer I’ve ever had with “amber” in the title and that’s no lie.

Troeg’s has been on my “to do” list for sometime now, so you can see why I’m so footloose and fancy free here. I have been hearing nothing but good things about the brewery as a whole, for quite a while now, only problem was, I had nowhere nearby to procure any of its liquid gold. Until now! So without further ado, well maybe just one more, ado, time to dive on into Troegs’ dreamily hopped, amber elixir.

Pours a beautiful, glossy amber with a fluffly little head, that dissolves into some nice lacing. Nice little bubbles dance their way to the top of the glass. Its almost too beautiful to be real. Honestly, if I had to choose a beer to place on my nonexistent mantle this would be the one would be the one. But not only is it eye candy, but it don’t smell half bad neither.

One good whiff reveals some piney hop character. And by some, I mean a good heaping helping of. It almost has the air of a mild I.P.A. about it. But then the malt shows up, balancing it out, making you remember for a moment that your not sniffing an I.P.A. The malt balance gives it a nice earthy aroma that I, for one, find positively enticing. So let’s see. Look: absolutley gorgeous. Aroma: an olfactory delight. Is there any way this is won’t be heavenly to drink?


Much like the nose, the mouth is treated to quick hit of hop-diddily-iciousness. But this is not, I repeat NOT, an I.P.A. folks and your mouth will not be tricked for long, because seconds after this hits the tongue, the hops are quickly masked by some nice roasted, dare I say bready, malticity. Yes, the sweet citrus hop flavor and roasted malt taste proceed to do the lambada on your tongue. Yeah, think about that, my friends. They form a balance the likes of which Qui-Gon Jinn only dreamed of, upon finding a young Anakin Skywalker on Tatooine. And that was supposed to bring balance to “the Force”. “The Force”, people! Not just a delicious beverage, okay. So I think you can see what I’m saying here. Balance: fantastical.

I don’t have any statistics or scientific evidence to back this up, but this may, MAY, just be the most drinkable beer I have ever had. And I’ve had well over 12 different beers! I mean I drank three bottles of these down without even realizing. And if Bud has taught me anything, and really it hasn’t, it’s all about “drinkablility”. Of course this could make this a dangerous brew as well. Now, I know, a 6% ABV is hardly earth shattering, but I could honestly take down a sixer of this in like an hour, without batting an eyelash. But here is an Algorithm you can understand: Flavor + Drinkability = Shazam! So if you can find some Hopback Amber, grab it, love it, savor it.

Bottoms Up! Willie 3:16


~ by hopper12 on February 19, 2009.

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