Wolff’s Biergarten Opens March 19th

A little birdie told me this place was opening this month, and it appears this birdie knows a thing or two. Wolff’s is located on the north end of Broadway, just past the main part of downtown Albany and not far at all from the Pump Station. As a budding Germanophile (damn you to hell, Hitler!), the notion of a joint that offers “a traditional beer-garden space with communal seating, 50 German and Belgian beers and a rustic sausages-and-schnitzels menu. Instead of table service, customers will order and pick up food from an open kitchen, equipped with grills for the sausages” sounds like the best thing to happen to Albany since the title of State Capital was wrested from poor, unsuspecting Kingston!wolffs-logo2


~ by bojangles on March 6, 2009.

One Response to “Wolff’s Biergarten Opens March 19th”

  1. Hmmm. Just so happens I may be in New York’s capital region around the 19th of March. Interesting. Yes, provacative.

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