Esquire’s Best Bars

The metrosexual fratboys at Esquire Magazine recently listed their “Complete List” of the Best Bars in America. Clearly, this is a thoroughly-researched and wide-ranging list, spanning the furthest reaches and deepest depths of the nations public houses.

As with any beer list — such as last year’s All About Beer 125 Places to Have a Beer Before You Die — I looked with at New York State’s list with curiosity to see whether both Clark’s Ale House AND Mahar’s would make the list, or if one would be inexcusably left off. Would the Blue Tusk make it this time? And are there any new Buffalo or Rochester bars making the list?

What I found was this (click on picture to enlarge):

Apparently, the best beers in the entire state all happen to be in New York City. We Upstate hayseeds should have known better than to expect anything different by the ever-so-worldly brohs at Esquire.


~ by William H on March 29, 2009.

3 Responses to “Esquire’s Best Bars”

  1. That being said, you’d LOVE Spuyten Duyvil.

  2. I’m not crapping on any of the bars on the list. I’m crapping on the fops from Esquire who have never left the 212 area code.

  3. Oh, agreed. I fired off a letter m’self.

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