Easter’s Eve Beer Tasting: 33 Flavors

This weekend, my family had a beer-tasting at my parents’ house in suburban Rochester, New York. We each brought a small sampling of different beers to pass around. Here is a listing of the beers we tried, in order. Note where applicable; our favorites in bold & italics

  1. Avery – Collaboration, Not Litigation
  2. Lammsbrau Organic Bavarian Brew (Non-alcoholic)
  3. Fort Collins Major Tom’s Pomegranate Wheat
  4. Unibroue Ephemere Apple
  5. Paper City Brewing – PC Blue (Blueberry)
  6. Delirium Tremens
  7. Sweetwater Georgia Brown
  8. Lagunitas Hairy Eyeball
  9. Keegan Ales Hurricane Kitty
  10. Sweetwater Happy Ending (Best of the Night)
  11. Wild Goose Snow Goose Winter Ale
  12. Leffe
  13. Custom Brewcrafters Double Dark Cream Porter
  14. Magic Hat Hi.P.A.
  15. Thiriez Bier de Noel
  16. Shipyard Blue Fin Stout
  17. Middle Ages Swallow Wit (growler)
  18. Ayinger Brau-Weiss
  19. Lakefront Brewery Fuel Coffee
  20. Two Brothers Heavy Handed IPA
  21. Lagunitas Sirius
  22. Buckler’s NA (it was noted that this had an aftertaste of Frito’s)
  23. Cooperstown Brewing Benchwarmer’s Porter
  24. Southern Tier Old Man Winter
  25. Sweetwater 420
  26. Southern Tier Raspberry Porter
  27. Middle Ages Raspberry Wheat
  28. Smuttynose Gravitation
  29. Schmaltz Coney Island Albino Python (pure black licorice)
  30. Cane & Ebel: A Hopped-Up Red Rye Ale
  31. Negro Modelo
  32. Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale
  33. Wychwood Bah Humbug

If you have the opportunity to do this, I’d highly recommend it. Just make sure you drink plenty of water throughout, and after.

~ by William H on April 13, 2009.

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