“BOOOOO to Drinkability”: Public

Well the American public has actually gotten it right for once. The much-maligned “Drinkability” ad campaign that Bud Light foisted upon an unsuspecting football-watching public is expected to be terminated forthwith, according to Advertising Age.

According to the article written by Jerry Mullman, Bud Light is likely to go down in sales for the first time in its 27-year history, and the reason appears to be that the “Drinkability” campaign lacked the humor of its past ad campaigns. Also, Bud Light had a very difficult time defining exactly what “drinkability” actually is; the article states it is “a confusing calling card it has harped on relentlessly since.”

Not only have Bud Light’s sales tapered off, but their cache around the interwebs has as well. Quoth the article:

And, in fact, a study by online research firm Zeta Interactive found it might be hurting it. Zeta’s research indicates that since launching the campaign, Bud Light’s total online chatter had both decreased and grown more negative. “It’s starting to become detrimental to them,” said Zeta CEO Al DiGuido. A-B executives counter by saying their own research shows Bud Light dominates the total share of online chatter about light beers, and they say surveys of social media show drinkability seeping into conversations about beer.

While I’m not exactly sure who was “chattering” about Bud Light online in the first place, it appears that it’s taken this tepid group of commercials to get the fratboy set to finally realize that Bud Light tastes like shit.

Thankfully, we can expect that the brand that Ad Age calls a “premium beer” will abandon this silly and confusing campaign, and go back to commercials with fart jokes and tits.


~ by William H on August 10, 2009.

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