Birth of a Nation’s Common Sense: States Raise Caps on Alcohol By Volume

According to today’s USA Today, several states in this great land of ours are raising their caps on alcohol percentage in commercially-available beers.

These changes are, no doubt, partially a result of lobbying, both by special interests, but also apparently by some grassroots movements as well. (Drink your hearts out, teabaggers.) Even states as conservative as West Virginia and Alabama have raised their ABV limits from 6% to as high as 13.9% this year. To put that in some perspective, a filthy drunk such as myself has only had two beers higher than 12% alcohol by volume.

Naturally, some naysayers — such as M.A.D.D., naturally — don’t see this as a good sign, as they see higher alcohol volumes as a gateway to more binge-drinking and more rapid drunkenness. Luckily, craft beer advocates point out that it isn’t the fratboy set going out to buy $300 cases of Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA to get drunk that much faster. Craft beers, as both our faithful readers know, are enjoyed for their complexities and flavors, not for the serendipitous buzz they give us. This is not some Trojan Horse movement intended to infuse teenagers with more alcohol. A bit of information to the out of touch: this is not going to affect teenagers at all.

So now, there are more options in more states for you to try more of what is out there. Heck, maybe now you have a reason to visit some of them.

~ by William H on November 5, 2009.

One Response to “Birth of a Nation’s Common Sense: States Raise Caps on Alcohol By Volume”

  1. I dunno. While I enjoy complexities and flavors as much as the next beer dork, it would be disingenuous to deny that I don’t also relish getting pissed out of my gourd from time to time.

    Still, for teens, the cheap, easy buzz delivery system is vodka. The only way they’d go for the DFH 120 is if daddy left the case unattended in the garage.

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