Stafford Convenience Store: Salt City’s Best Kept Secret

While it may not quite be THE most amazing beer store in the greater Syracuse region — Party Source, Brilbecks and Galeville Grocery still have the top three slots locked down, with Wegmans gaining — there is a surprisingly good beer-gettin’ locale on Stafford Street in Eastwood: Stafford Convenience Store.

As you can see in this poorly photographed evidence, the selection is better than your average gas station or convenience store.

The guys behind the counter are friendly (one even gave me some swag once!) and say that they are open to suggestions on what beers to get. Their selection of IPAs is surprisingly good.

It might not quite be a “destination” beer store (yet!), but if you happen to be on the north side and don’t want to go downtown, or Liverpool or Tip Hill, this is the place to grab an armful and be on your merry way.

Make a stop at Stafford, and tell em Beerjanglin’ sent ya!

~ by William H on May 9, 2010.

2 Responses to “Stafford Convenience Store: Salt City’s Best Kept Secret”

  1. Man, you guys get Great Lakes in UT??? Why no here in CO??? and try the Titan IPA…great stuff!

  2. Sorry for the confusion: we are in the SALT CITY (aka Syracuse, NY), not Salt LAKE City (Utah). We do get Great Lakes here too. Might I say I had the Great Divide Old Ruffian a couple weeks ago and it was fantastic.

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