Oskar Blues – Gubna

So it turns out that “Gordon” isn’t the most overpriced beer that Oskar Blues has: that honor is now taken by “Gubna,” which might just be the most overpriced beer of all time.

I paid $16.99 plus tax and deposit for a four-pack. That sounds out to just over $4.25 per can. That’s a fine price … if I’m at a bar! But it’s borderline highway robbery for getting it form a store.

Having said that, I don’t want to imply that Gubna is a lesser beer; quite the contrary, it is a fantastic brew.

It appears a deep, cloudy copper orange. The color is great, the head retention is not bad, the Brussels lace is outstanding.

The aroma is borderline perfect. Sweet pine oil bitterness followed by heavy citrus — grapefruit, orange and tangerine. The resins leave a hints of sawdust.

The woody pine and spruce follow into the taste, melding beautifully with the sweet blood oranges and pineapple finish. Starts all East Coast with resins, then West Coast represents with citrus and spices. This combined with the thick, smooth, oily finish is the perfect feel for the flavor.

If only Oskar Blues could find a way to make their beers a little less cost-prohibitive. Of course, I bought it, so who’s the idiot in this situation? You win again, Oskar!

[Update: I forgot to mention, Gubna also gets extra points for putting a slightly obscure reference to Blazing Saddles right on the can. Tip of the cap to you, Oskar.]

~ by William H on July 2, 2010.

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